Time to go back to school!

Today September 16th is the first day of the new school year for the 45 students of Team Academy: 13 teampreneurs have been promoted to 3rd year, 12 to 2nd year and we are pleased to welcome 20 teampreneurs in 1st year.

The program of this first week is already busy! On the menu: kick-off, first dialogue and coaching sessions and several challenges as well as the appropriation of new work spaces for our students.

In order to promote and facilitate the exchange between the 3 Team Companies, we have set up a Community Board composed of representatives of the Team Companies and the Team Academy program. One of its objectives is to promote the realization of inter-Team Company projects or mandates, since project development is a central element of the Team Academy pedagogical model, which is based on learning by doing.

These projects allow teampreneurs to develop the 21 competencies targeted by the Team Academy program. Theoretical and reflexive contributions will complement their practical learning through the reading of books and the intervention of teacher coaches during training sessions.

We wish our students every success in their studies and in the realization of their projects.