Team Company

Andromeda is the first company to emerge from the HES-SO Team Academy and is composed of teampreneurs (Team Academy students). With Andromeda, active in the local ecosystem, their objective is to develop their practical skills in order to obtain a Bachelor HES in business management.

Pour ce faire, ils développent leur leadership entrepreneurial en réalisant des projets pratiques, avec des clients et un chiffre d’affaires. Ces jeunes entrepreneurs sont des étudiants friands d’en apprendre plus par la pratique et mettent en avant un solide esprit d’équipe basé sur la bienveillance.


Andromeda’s activities are diverse and varied. Their projects cover several fields of activity ranging from events management to coaching and to the definition of a company strategy. In just 6 months and thanks to more than forty projects (still in progress or completed), Andromeda’s turnover has risen to nearly CHF 20,000.  Besides the projects, the company’s flagship product is the “24H Client”. Teampreneurs work for a day on a problem defined by a company that wants to use the collective intelligence of teampreneurs.

Discovery and learning are the main objectives for Andromeda, which in Ancient Greek means “the one with bravery in her mind”.

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