Team Academy students on a learning journey to Bilbao

The Team Academy programme of the HES-SO is revolutionising the education system by extending the Corporate Economist profile over three years. On the program: no more course schedule but training sessions planned by the teampreneurs (Team Academy students), more teachers but coaches who awaken the potential of each teampreneur, and 3 weeks of learning trip per year.

After having gone into immersion in December in the Strasbourg Team Academy ecosystem, and having welcomed Finnish team members in January, the Swiss team members are currently in Spain to discover how Team Academy pedagogy works in the Basque country.

A very dense programme was co-constructed between the two groups of students for this trip, combining cultural discoveries with knowledge and learning sharing.

The teampreneurs arrived on Tuesday on site where they defined their learning objectives for this week of discovery.

Wednesday was devoted to cultural visits, a creative challenge from Basque students and a visit to a cereal bar created from scratch by first-year students.

On Thursday, the teampreneurs were able to discover in more detail the Team Academy program at the University of Mandragon by discussing it with several team coaches. In the afternoon, a Spanish company challenged the Swiss temapreneurs to offer this start-up practical solutions to expand its community.

After visiting the Bilbao offices, the teampreneurs went to Ognate on Friday where other Team Academy offices are located.

The teampreneurs will return to Switzerland in a few days, Tuesday, after a week of learning trip.