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Wirtschafts-«Villa Kunterbunt»

Walliser Bote devoted a full page of its December 20, 2018 edition to the Team Academy program. The article presents in an interesting way how teampreneurs (Team Academy students) learn: dialogue and coaching sessions, projects with clients, training sessions, etc.

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“Le Nouvelliste” takes stock of a training that is not easy.

The evaluations have just been completed for our teampreneurs. It was for our teampreneurs to assess the progress of their skills since the beginning of the semester. “Le Nouvelliste” reviews the first year and a half of our training, which “is not easy”.

The first Team Academy graduates will enter the job market in 1.5 years. According to Stéphane Haefliger, Director of Human Resources at CBH (Compagnie bancaire suisse) in Geneva, “This training is really a tribute to ultimate responsibility. It will generate employees who are highly valued by the labour market, well-trained, autonomous and responsible heads.”

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First Huston Call of the Team Academy of Sierre

The “Huston Call” is a symbolic moment in the Team Academy program. At this event, all Team Companies present their companies, their key figures, their projects and their learning. Teampreneurs’ (Team Academy students) presentations must be fun, serious and informative.

The first Huston Call of the Team Academy of Sierre took place on Friday 14 December 2018. It was an opportunity for our two Team Companies to present their activities to representatives of the professional world.


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The Team Academy program at 19:30!

The Team Academy offers an innovative pedagogical model that outlines the skills profile of a business economist through projects applied over three years. This learning method comes from Finland. Team learning and action learning are at the heart of this pedagogical model.

Discover the RTS report to learn more about the Team Academy.

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Walliser Bote – Habe meinen Platz endlich gefunden

Hannes Cina, is one of the top 17 teampreneurs, but also an experienced and well-known footballer. Discover Hannes’ portrait in the Walliser Bote article:

(c) Illustrative image: Walliser Bote

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Team Academy students on a learning journey to Bilbao

The Team Academy programme of the HES-SO is revolutionising the education system by extending the Corporate Economist profile over three years. On the program: no more course schedule but training sessions planned by the teampreneurs (Team Academy students), more teachers but coaches who awaken the potential of each teampreneur, and 3 weeks of learning trip per year.

After having gone into immersion in December in the Strasbourg Team Academy ecosystem, and having welcomed Finnish team members in January, the Swiss team members are currently in Spain to discover how Team Academy pedagogy works in the Basque country.

A very dense programme was co-constructed between the two groups of students for this trip, combining cultural discoveries with knowledge and learning sharing.

The teampreneurs arrived on Tuesday on site where they defined their learning objectives for this week of discovery.

Wednesday was devoted to cultural visits, a creative challenge from Basque students and a visit to a cereal bar created from scratch by first-year students.

On Thursday, the teampreneurs were able to discover in more detail the Team Academy program at the University of Mandragon by discussing it with several team coaches. In the afternoon, a Spanish company challenged the Swiss temapreneurs to offer this start-up practical solutions to expand its community.

After visiting the Bilbao offices, the teampreneurs went to Ognate on Friday where other Team Academy offices are located.

The teampreneurs will return to Switzerland in a few days, Tuesday, after a week of learning trip.

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Team Academy: retrospective of the first year

The first year of Team Academy has just ended and a small retrospective is required.

1st semester

Monday, September 11 was the first day of the school year for the first 17 teampreneurs (students of the team academy) from Switzerland. After presenting the general program of the year, their coaches gave them their first mission: to organize themselves for their first dialogue and coaching session the next morning – their first awareness of the fact that they are actors in their training.

The following weeks were devoted to the discovery and appropriation of Team Academy’s pedagogical model and its various tools. First training sessions (theoretical and practical workshops on a defined theme) were held on marketing, English, monitoring, project management and legal aspects.

In connection with the “legal aspects” training session, the teampreneurs reflected on the legal form they wish to adopt in order to avoid their company. They then worked on their statutes, internal regulations and roles and finally registered their company in the commercial register under the name of “Andromeda”.

Within the framework of Andromeda, the teampreneurs carry out projects. It is one of the ways they can learn and develop skills. One of the highlights of the first semester is the organization of the “New Year of Entrepreneurs” at the Maison de l’entrepreneuriat. More than 50 entrepreneurs met for an evening organized by Team Academy students.

A first trip took place during this semester: the discovery of the Team Academy in Strasbourg (Bachelor Young Entrepreneur).

Finally, their first evaluation took place. For them, the aim was to take stock of the acquisition of skills, not through exams but through a 360° evaluation (self-evaluation, by peers, by a jury of experts): a moment full of emotions. Find more information on evaluations in the news “How to evaluate without exams”.

2nd semester

The second semester began on a high note with the hosting of Finnish students for a week. The objective of these 5 days was to compare the similarities and differences between the Swiss programme (the last launched) and the Jyväskylä programme (the origin of the pedagogical model), to discover a new culture and to lay the foundations for future collaboration between students.

Several other learning trips took place during this semester: Bristol, Belgium, Bilbao and Amsterdam.

Two projects marked this semester. The first is “Apéro Urbain” which attracted more than 150 people for an evening at the Technopole de Sierre. 3 teampreneurs organised an outdoor aperitif in a friendly spirit that showcases local craft producers from the Valais region. The second is “Beblio” which organizes conferences in an original format. They have also won a partnership contract to organize 20 conferences in Sierre.

The first year in figures:

Through various actions undertaken, the 17 teampreneurs developed the 21 skills targeted by the Team Academy program during this first year. The key figures below show the strength of team learning. In particular, they have:

  • Participated in 11 training sessions (legal aspects, project management, human dynamics, English, marketing, etc.)
  • Read 193 books
  • Writes 87 reflective articles
    Participated in 65 projects, mandates and 24 client hours
  • More than 18’000 profit

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3 Team Academy students travelling to New York: follow their Vlog

3 teampreneurs (Team Academy students), Pierre, Simon and Alexandre have decided to go to New York this summer to attend summer schools on different themes: business english, business administration, law and finance.

In order to allow you to follow their adventures, they will realize 3 Vlog per week: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Follow them on youtube:

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Rhône FM talks about Team Academy

Rhône FM has just published a news item on Team Academy entitled “Positive assessment after one year for the HES-SO Team Academy”.

After one year, the results of the Team Academy of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis are very positive. Here are the results in figures:

  • 17 teampreneurs
  • Participated in 11 training sessions (legal aspects, project management, human dynamics, English, marketing, etc.)
  • Read 193 books
  • Writes 87 reflective articles
  • Participated in 65 projects, mandates and 24 client hours
  • More than 18’000 turnover

A second batch of 17 students will start their studies in the new academic year.

Find the complete Rhône FM news:

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