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local19.ch team wins ValaiStar award for August

Local19 is a project that was created within the Team Academy program of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis. The approach of the founders is to support local businesses that have suffered from the health crisis linked to covid19.

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It’s back to school for the Team Academy program

September 14th was the first day of the school year for our 47 teampreneurs (students of the Team Academy): 18 teampreneurs started in the first year, 17 moved on to the second year and 12 teampreneurs are in the third year.

As the realization of projects is a central element of the Team Academy’s pedagogical model, both teams worked on the realization of projects during the first weeks. Various projects ranging from events with “Wiil”, “Panier Montagnard” or “BeerPoint” to the realization of a business plan under mandate, and a waste collection service for private individuals.

These varied projects allow teampreneurs to develop the 21 skills targeted by the Team Academy program. Theoretical contributions will complement their practical learning through the reading of books and the intervention of teacher coaches during training sessions.

We wish our students every success in their studies and in the realization of their projects.

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“To self-evaluate oneself is to know how to show humility in order to give oneself the opportunity to surpass oneself”

Team Academy’s semi-annual evaluations have just been completed. The format chosen for these evaluations is not a review but a true 360° evaluation that includes self-evaluation, peer evaluation, coaching and external experts. This high point of the training allowed the 41 teampreneurs (Team Academy students) to take stock of the development of the 21 targeted competencies and to orient them towards the learning priorities for the following semester. It was a challenging moment for the teampreneurs as well as for us, their coaches.

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Learning by experience, it awakens consciences!

The Magazine Valais Excellence honours the HES-SO Team Academy and its Team Company. The pedagogical model of the Team Academy places the responsibility and autonomy of each teampreneur (student of the Team Academy) at the center.

Compared to a classic economics curriculum, young people acquire other skills related to reflection, emotions and creativity.

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Idriss Aberkane visits the Team Academy

The HES-SO Team Academy had the pleasure of welcoming Idriss Aberkane, Ph.D. for an inspiring meeting, very inspiring!

Idriss noted that the educational system is based on compliance and grades. Artificial intelligence is more efficient than humans in terms of conformity. But Man has the ability to manage ambiguity, unlike AI. Educational models must therefore evolve! This is what the pedagogical model of the Team Academy proposes: a real personalization of learning with coaches who stimulate and awaken the potential of teampreneurs (students of the Team Academy).

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English coaches come to Switzerland for training

From November 5 to 7, English coaches in training visited the Team Academy of Switzerland. During their 3 days of training, they discovered our ecosystem and its particularities, met and worked with our teampreneurs and were also sensitized to conflict management.

Their stay in Sierre corresponds to one of the 4 modules of their training “Team Mastery” UK. The other modules took place in Finland and England.

Within the Team Academy network, exchanges as well as visits to other ecosystems are crucial elements to share our experiences and continue to develop our pedagogical model.

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“Le Nouvelliste” takes stock of a training that is not easy.

The evaluations have just been completed for our teampreneurs. It was for our teampreneurs to assess the progress of their skills since the beginning of the semester. “Le Nouvelliste” reviews the first year and a half of our training, which “is not easy”.

The first Team Academy graduates will enter the job market in 1.5 years. According to Stéphane Haefliger, Director of Human Resources at CBH (Compagnie bancaire suisse) in Geneva, “This training is really a tribute to ultimate responsibility. It will generate employees who are highly valued by the labour market, well-trained, autonomous and responsible heads.”

Find the full article : https://www.lenouvelliste.ch/articles/valais/valais-central/hes-so-valais-pas-de-profs-pas-de-notes-mais-beaucoup-de-travail-815975

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The Team Academy program at 19:30!

The Team Academy offers an innovative pedagogical model that outlines the skills profile of a business economist through projects applied over three years. This learning method comes from Finland. Team learning and action learning are at the heart of this pedagogical model.

Discover the RTS report to learn more about the Team Academy.

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