Bachelor Degree

The HES-SO Team Academy is part of the Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Business Administration. HES-SO Team Academy waslaunched in 2017 and inspired by the Finnish “Tiimiakatemia” methodology developed by Johannes Partanen. This pedagogical model exists in some 30 universities around the world. Unique in Switzerland, this mode of training offers a disruptive approach compared to traditional pedagogical models. The teampreneurs (Team Academy students) are no longer sitting in class but become the actors of their training.

They are thus led to become more autonomous and self-organized within a “Team Company” under the supervision of a coach. The objective of the programme is to develop and unleash the potential of each person and to facilitate the acquisition of skills through teamwork. Coaching is at the heart of this educational system and creates a culture based on creativity, experimentation and the art of decision-making.

In concrete terms, teampreneurs define their learning objectives at the beginning of the year and have several means at their disposal to develop the defined skills, in particular:

  • Training session: students select the trainings they need to develop their skills. Completed by readings of their choice, this knowledge and tools will crystallize in the realization of the projects.
  • Dialogue session: twice a week, under the supervision of a coach, all students meet to share the progress of their projects and the knowledge acquired.
  • Projects: through the implementation of concrete projects, students develop practical skills in relation to the knowledge acquired during the training sessions. These show the ability of teampreneurs to generate value for clients
  • Learner trips: 3 weeks a year, the teampreneurs visit a university that is a member of the Team Academy’s international network and carry out practical projects in common with the students of the visited university.

On the menu: no examination but a 360° evaluation which includes the self-evaluation of the teampreneurs, the peer evaluation as well as an evaluation by the program coaches. The purpose is not to give a sanctioning mark, but to recognize the development of the skills of the “Teampreneurs”. Each of them must demonstrate in a pragmatic way the actions they have undertaken to develop the 21 competencies targeted by the Team Academy program and presented below:


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