2017 – 2020

Pierre Bossetti

Co-founder of Local19

Hannes Cina

Co-founder of Cina et Bellis AG

Robin Cina

Co-founder of Cina et Bellis AG

Johann Ebener

Vice presient of Local19.ch

Yaëlle Heubi

Project manager - Delegate for local trade in the town of Estavayer

Elizabeth Komaromi

Looking for a job and in the process of completing the IDDEA competition

Simon Kuenlin

Intern in digital marketing, Emblematik

Colm Kuonen

President and co-founder of BeBlio

Aurélie Mayor

Customer Experience Manager, Groupe Mutuel

Lionel Quarroz

Strategy Manager, Pixel Sàrl

Gauthier Rey

Cidrerie Wildhorn